Farid Bidgoli

Roche Pharma

General Manager, Thailand

Roche Pharma Farid joined Roche in 2017 and became Thailand General Manager in November 2019, also responsible Myanmar, Cambodia and Loas. Prior to joining Roche Thailand, he was the Country Manager for Roche Iran where he helped transform the culture in the affiliate, increasing employee engagement by the highest percentage ever observed. He also led the Iran affiliate, registering three new medicines within a span of 18 months – the first such registration for Roche in 8 years. Prior to Roche, Farid was with MSD, leading global digital solutions and executive partnerships with Verily, Microsoft, Amazon and GE to develop scalable digital health solutions with payers such as the NHS, Beijing Bureau of Health and Aetna International. He loves exploring innovative approaches to disease and population management, including but not limited to; harnessing big data and machine learning, clinical decision support, technology enabled care, coordinated care, adherence (medication, treatment protocols, guidelines), speech recognition, wearables and sensors Working for a company that is focused on data and digital healthcare is important to Farid, he is passionate about the work Roche does and is committed to making a difference to patients’ lives and delivering equitable healthcare within society. He brings to his work great energy and passion for people and patients.