Approach – Mission Leapfrog

Our Approach

A leapfrog is a jump beyond what is expected next; a move to create exponential change.

Mission Leapfrog is an ecosystem inquiry and process involving experiments that:

Address equity and accessibility to improve patient wellbeing and population health outcomes.

Accelerate future state possibilities.

Challenge conventional beliefs and practices by being bold and disruptive.

Follow and amplify where the energy for change is.



The Intentions

  • Build leadership mindsets and capabilities to support bold and disruptive experimentation
  • Discover how an ecosystem inquiry can accelerate healthcare transformation in Asia
  • Be challenged by provocative new ideas to trigger innovative experimentation
  • Identify ways in which Roche and Partners can work more powerfully together to create value for society
  • Explore ways to leverage unique global context (COVID 19) to catalyze sustainable change to healthcare systems.

The core
Focus Areas

The core focus areas of Mission Leapfrog guiding the roundtable explorations, learnings and action pathways are:

Ecosystem Transformation & Leadership

Patient to society Healthcare Systems breakthroughs across care pathways; Leadership for Systemic Change.

Accelerating Technologies

Leveraging the power of data, analytics and digital.

Community & Social

Reimagining new business models, partnerships and models for community engagement; Fostering resilience in communities for healthcare systems breakthroughs.


Co-create the Vision & Launch

Being Bold and aligned on a vision for Transforming Patients Wellbeing and Population Health in Asia; Scoping the possibilities.


Ecosystem Transformation & Leadership

Explore how to shift ecosystem dynamics.


Community & Social

How to advance the experiments with whole systems engagement, using points of greatest leverage.


Accelerating Technologies

Explore technology breakthroughs and business model adaptations.


Integration & Scaling

How to scale impact for sustainability and across borders and reconstitute for open source collaboration