Philippines – Mission Leapfrog


Addressing gaps in the healthcare ecosystem that prevent access to care for all Filipinos

Change Challenge in the Philippines

For the initial phase of the experiment, we focus on helping with COVID-19 control in Tacloban City. We talked with a few COVID patients and their families. Reflecting on how the COVID patient journey was managed, we have identified various pain points across the healthcare ecosystem from basic community healthcare to specialized services, to availability and affordability of diagnostics, medication and treatment options that need to be addressed.

  • Cancer is not a death sentence anymore.

    This was the core message of Dr. Mariza Magan, Schools Division Superintendent of the Department of Education (DepEd) Tacloban City Division, during the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Roche (Philippines) Inc – 2030 Mission Leapfrog Project (MLP) and the DepEd Tacloban City last February 23, 2023, at the Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila, Quezon City.          
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  • Breast and cervical cancer screening in Tacloban City

    The Philippines is a lower middle income country (LMIC) with a population of 111 M. It has a fragmented healthcare system divided into public and private, and primary to tertiary levels of care with a relatively unclear referral system. Patients have their choice of doctors to go to butunderstandably, will have difficulty deciphering which specialties to consult with or services to avail. There is limited government support for healthcare with no coverage for out-patient care.
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  • COVID-19 control in Tacloban

    The implementation of the Universal Healthcare law in 2019 accelerated the healthcare reform in the country. With its implementation, key opportunities and challenges were identified in revitalizing the healthcare system. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought to light additional gaps as more healthcare resources were shifted to address COVID cases. While Universal Health Care aims to achieve equitable access to quality and affordable health care services for all Filipinos, access to basic primary healthcare services in remote communities remains to be a challenge.
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Other Regions

  • Thailand

    The goal of the Mission Leapfrog experiment in Thailand is to engage with ecosystem partners to improve health outcomes for the population of elderly women in urban environments that are at high risk for cancer but experience significant isolation and hardships. Our ambition is to harness technology to share clinical information across a network using telemedicine, so we can deliver better healthcare for this population. This ability to bring treatment options from the hospitals to the communities where these women live would be a leapfrog in impact for these women and healthcare delivery in the country overall.

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